The Space Disposal and Debris Mitigation Conference

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The Space Disposal and Debris Mitigation Conference

Mar. 09, 2021 → Mar. 10, 2021

We have now entered a new space age where the volume of objects in orbit and funding to enable new constellations is extremely high. As we pioneer into this space frontier, one of the most considerable challenges is the protection of its environment. Designing targeted deorbit methodologies is critical to maintaining the scale of satellite deployment our industry is making.

While mission disposal is important, it remains a highly complex design confrontation. Technologies such as tethering, propulsion, drag or other traditional methods battle as the superior ROI for end users. Additionally, in much the same spirit as the age-old hiking principle, Deorbit Space Policy tends to be adopting the adage “pack it in, pack it out.” This virtual summit of speakers will cover all these issues in a flagship conference on orbital Waste Disposal and debris mitigation.

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